The story behind lintels

Lintel bed using grinder head

A lintel is a block or plate of concrete used to fill gaps on buildings or during construction work. They are steel-reinforced in order to carry heavy weights and to prevent the concrete plates from breaking during fitting. They are usually bought pre-manufactured, but can be made to measure on site.


When lintels are manufactured, a mould is made into which the concrete and wire-reinforcing will be placed.  Once the concrete is cured, the lintels are cut to size and sent off to be used on site. After this the empty beds are covered in a concrete residue left from casting the lintels.   We came across this interesting design using our 350 Floor Grinder’s head positioned on the rails of a lintel bed to grind off this residue and smooth the beds.


With the help of a ruler, the level is set and grinding can be done very precisely until the desired smoothness and texture is achieved to cast another set of lintels. Lintels require a certain amount of “roughness” in order to allow cement or mortar to grip it better. This grinding process exemplifies this texture by levelling the bed but also leaving it rough enough to provide the grip the lintels need when being used in construction.


This automated grinding procedure eliminates manual labour associated with cutting out the beds and relaying them after a certain number of castings. The cost saving involved is substantial to say the least! Have a look at the impressive before and after photo – like the experts say, a picture says more than a 1000 words!