Sawing & Cutting Machines

Looking for a suitable sawing machine? Look no further, we have a variety of sawing machines. As a matter of fact, we don’t just offer a variety, but different quality for different sectors in the construction industry. In addition to this, have a look at our range of power tools for smaller projects. Anything you need from a large construction project to a small around the house DIY project. Have a look at all we have to offer, we have the answer to your project here :

  • Floor Saw Machines for cutting and reaming of roads, runways, shop floors, warehouses and pavements.
  • Table Saw’s for cutting of large quantities of bricks and tiles.
  • Wire and Wall Saws for mass concrete demolition.
  • Handheld Cutting Machines for projects that require the use of portable equipment.

If you need help selecting the correct machine for your project at hand, please contact our friendly internal sales ladies. We will gladly assist you either by phone or email. Use our details below :

Telephone number : 0861 75 75 75

Email :