Diamond Wire: Half Inch (1/2”) Glass Drills Special

Half Inch Glass Drills 1200x583 - Diamond Wire: Half Inch (1/2”) Glass Drills Special

We at Diamond Products are proud to present our highly coveted range of ADI Diamond Glass Drills.

Renowned for their impeccable quality and unmatched durability, our drills are perfect for any job no matter how big or small.

With sizes ranging from 3mm to 145mm, there is no job too specialised for our range. To show this, we are running special prices on the most common sizes in the industry to help beat the end of year rush!

Size Back End Price (Excl. VAT)
6mm Glass Drill ½” 394.00
8mm Glass Drill ½” 427.00
10mm Glass Drill ½” 460.00
12mm Glass Drill ½” 483.00
16mm Glass Drill ½” 544.00
18mm Glass Drill ½” 567.00
20mm Glass Drill ½” 611.00
22mm Glass Drill ½” 633.00
26mm Glass Drill ½” 703.00

pecial will end 31 November 2018 or While stock lasts!

Here at Diamond Products we strive to provide the best quality for the best price.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your job needs as we are more than happy to help.