Shibuya R2021 with more power

We are excited to launch the new and more powerful Shibuya R2021 drill and TS-252. The new R2021 has a significantly more powerful 2,300W motor. More power will deliver more productivity/faster drilling.  

This NEW R2021 drill replaces the R1721 that has been the workhouse in our product range for more than 10 years.

We carry a full range of spare parts for the NEW R2021 drill and offer inhouse servicing on all Shibuya core drills.

AGP Power Tools

In late 2018 we launched a range of specialised AGP power tools to complement our current range of equipment and consumables. These power tools fill a gap in the market where customers demand specialised equipment. We carry large range of spares for all models stocked and offer in house servicing.

New 125mm and 180mm Resin Flex Pads

To complement the AGP G125 grinder/polisher and SW7 grinder/polisher we stock 125mm and 180mm resin polishing pads and the back up pads.   

Enduro Grey Blades

The NEW Enduro Grey blades continue to show strong demand. As a result of this success we are stocking a wide range of sizes: Segmented 115mm, 125mm, 180mm, 230mm and 350mm, Turbo 115 and 230mm, Con Rim 115mm and 230mm. These blades have been extremely competitively priced offering opportunities to entre new markets.


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