Revolutionary Hand Held Planetary Polisher

hand held planetary grinder

Diamond Products are always looking at new and up and coming trends within the construction, stone, glass and floor preparation industries. We recently discovered a need within the shop fitters and memorial manufacturing industry, for a solution in achieving a perfectly flat grind and polish on concrete and stone surfaces.

With this in mind, Diamond Products set to work to design and manufacture a specialised grinding and polishing system which works on the same principle as an industrial triple head grinder. By combining a Makita 9227CB polisher and our small scale planetary head, we have managed to successfully develop an ideal solution to achieve perfectly flat surfaces.

Although this new polisher was designed with the shop fitters and memorial manufactures in mind, it is certainly not limited to these industries. It can be used for small scale projects on new floor surfaces, stairs, furniture, maintenance and renewal of floors which are made of concrete or stone.

It has a variable rpm which provides optimal speed for diamond grinding and polishing. The machine will polish 5 times faster than a single head polisher and offers a 200mm platform.

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