GlassRenu – Glass Scratch Removal System

Newsletter November General 1 - GlassRenu - Glass Scratch Removal System

This past October, two of our staff members had the pleasure of attending the 2019 Vitrum Glass show in Italy. Their sole purpose was to seek out new products based on the current demands of the glass market. One such demand was scratch removal. We are therefore proud to introduce GlassRenu, a brand-new technology founded in partnership with ADI Tools.

GlassRenu is a simple to use scratch removal system which comes in the form of a kit. Implementing a patented “dry grinding” technique, this kit significantly reduces the mess of traditional scratch removal. Using only 3 basic grinding/polishing steps this method is simple and approachable and will leave no visible lensing on the surface of your glass. It is also cost effective in that scratches can just be removed instead of replacing an entire glass panel.

Included in the kit:

  • 10x 75mm Black Renu Disc
  • 10x 125mm Black Renu Disc
  • 10x 75mm Grey Renu Disc
  • 10x 125mm Grey Renu Disc
  • 1x 75mm Polishing Felt Pad
  • 1x 125mm Polishing Felt Pad
  • 1x Bottle of Polishing Compound
  • 1x 75mm Velcro Backing Pad
  • 1x 125mm Velcro Backing Pad
  • 1x Rasp File

The different sizing in the pads allows for the repair of even the smallest pieces of glass.

Applicable for a variety of surface damage on flat glass: hard water staining, glass-on-glass scratching, acid-etching, even sandblasting. GlassRenu will work for you.

GlassRenu can also be used on a variety of surfaces. These include: car windows; mirrors; shower doors; picture frames as well as tempered glass.

This system is best used with a Makita variable speed polisher (600 – 3000 rpm) or an equivalent polisher.

To see the process of how this system works, click on the below video:

Newsletter November General Vid 500x231 - GlassRenu - Glass Scratch Removal System

For a live demonstration or for further information, contact:

  • Ross on 083 290 2259 (Joburg and Surrounds) or
  • Darryl on 083 259 2255 (Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Durban)