Dust Collectors – Blastrac BDC 122 and AGP DE25

BDC122 and AGP DE25 1 - Dust Collectors - Blastrac BDC 122 and AGP DE25

Introducing the Blastrac BDC 122 and AGP DE25 Dust Collectors.

Traditionally used in the harsh environment of concrete grinding, these machines are ideally suited for picking up small to medium sized debris and dust particles. This makes them an ideal solution for cleaning out pieces of glass stuck between furnace rollers or laying on cutting tables.

The BDC 122 is easy to manoeuvre and transport due to the robust wheels and brake system. With user friendly design you can just connect the hose to the dust collector and you are ready to go. And with a 2KW motor and 37L collection bin it is more than capable to clean up any amount of glass.

The AGP DE25 is a smaller and more manageable dust collection system. It is perfect for operations that are focused on space and smaller needs for glass collection. Consumables are limited to reusable filter bags making the vacuum an incredibly low maintenance asset to your factory.

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