Diamond Cup Wheels for Glass

Diamond Cup wheels - Diamond Cup Wheels for Glass

Introducing our bespoke range of ADI Diamond Wheels. Manufactured in Italy and featuring the best cost/metre in the market. These wheels are capable of incredible finishes with price in mind.

Due to their incredible quality and consistent diamond size you can expect to use as little as one wheel per year. This means less down time on your machine and more focus on production.

With costs down and production up, these wheels are the clear choice for any operation no matter the size.

When grinding laminated glass these wheels can be substituted for segmented cup wheels.

Our wheels are also able to fit on any machine currently in the market.

Wheels to recommend:

Standard (Continuous Rim)                Alternative (Segmented)

VC04004 (120#)                                 VC02038

VC04114 (170#)

VC04139 (230#)                                  VC02121


For more information contact Ross on 083 290 2259